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I usted to day trade and i want to do again, im loking for any classes where i can improve my trades, i dont want any online classes i need any good school or any day traders who charge for given classes,,
Day trading

I'm not sure a class can teach you, I think you just have to learn through experience. The hardest thing to learn is to quickly get out of a losing stock and preserve your money and look for another opportunity. it sounds so easy but it is very hard to do because you always think you are going to make money and never lose money. but I'm getting much better at it. I made $350.00 today in just a few hours.

2 Responses to “Is Anyone Out There Who Ever Took Any Day Trading Classes?”

  1. Chris Vermeulen Says:

    I took all the courses at years ago. It was not cheap and it was live trading vie webinar. It teaches you almost everything you need to know and you will understand Exactly how the market works and how to read the tape, level 2 market maker traps etc…

    The only thing they dont teach much of and is the most important part in my opinion is money management, when to scale in & out etc… This is what I actually teach at my site and its the same if you are scalping, day trading, swing trading.

    Chris Vermeulen

  2. Elmo Sanberg Says:

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