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I usted to day trade and i want to do again, im loking for any classes where i can improve my trades, i dont want any online classes i need any good school or any day traders who charge for given classes,,
Day trading

I'm not sure a class can teach you, I think you just have to learn through experience. The hardest thing to learn is to quickly get out of a losing stock and preserve your money and look for another opportunity. it sounds so easy but it is very hard to do because you always think you are going to make money and never lose money. but I'm getting much better at it. I made $350.00 today in just a few hours.
Is not to hard to use? I am going to trade maybe 2 or three hours a day, with a couple times all day. This is not going to be my profession, so an easy to use system would be best. I am just trying to practice with not to big of a bankroll to test out my skills! Thanks.
Day trading

First, to day trade stocks, brokerages will require a minimum account size of at least $25,000. Also, it's a risky game — very few people succeed at it. Those that do have generally become highly skilled at longer-term trading (position trading over several weeks, months or years or "swing trading" over days or weeks) before attempting day trading. There is no software you can use to make your decisions — that is totally up to you. It requires a great deal of experience (I would say, many years) to become a successful day trader.
High increase or decrease of index occured in one day is difficult to be anticipated by technical or fundamental analysis like recently happend, I get loss 80% of the margin within a month trading
Day trading

The key to investing in the hangseng (or any market) is to NOT trade daily. Buy and hold, after very thorough investigation.
All answers appreciated! I am looking to take some money and try my hand at day trading. I also would appreciate any suggestions at what the best trading site is. Thanks in advance for any help.
Day trading

Trade first on a simulator to test your theories at

When you start making "virtual" money, then you can risk your own.


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"Which Is Better, Buy-and-Hold or Market Timing?"

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The Beginner's Bible in Technical Analysis is:
Edwards & McGee"Tech. Anal. Of Stock Trends"

Droke, ClifTechnical Analysis Simplified

Kahn, Michael N.Tech. Anal. Plain & Simple

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Day trading

I'm not sure if I understand your question….
Are you asking if its possible to have a career in day trading?
Sure, you can be a stock broker…
Are you asking, if you can make a living (support yourself), by trading stocks.
In this case, I would say probably not.
Even professionals that have spent their lives studying the stock market have trouble predicting changes. What hope does that give to an average person? Furthermore stocks are meant to perform well in the 'long run' and not from day-to-day.
I suppose its possible to make constant gain if you index the 'entire market', however it probably won't be enough to let you quit your day job.

I am looking for the best stock charting software for Day trading, I have used yahoo,, and etrade pro. There are others out there, can anyone reccommend one over others and why is it better than others, price, ease of use, capacity features?

Any relevant comments or advice appreciated.

Day trading

For the price, you can't beat Telechart. It has everything you'll need in one place. Speed and efficiency is unsurpassed. You can sort thru 8000 stocks in seconds to find any criteria (and I mean ANY criteria) you can think of. If it's not a function of TC, then you can easily write your own personal criteria formula.

Each function key on your keyboard can represent 12 different chart configurations, so you can look at these 12 different criteria in seconds. As soon as you hit the "F" key, the chart is displayed on your screen.

Did I mention that it has all the industry groups? If you looking at a stock and you want to know how the industry is doing, just switch over to the industry group with a click of the mouse.

All the indicies are also grouped together. You can also download that group of stocks that meet your criteria into a CSV file for importing to XL. I especially like this feature.

The support you get from the Wordens is unsurpassed also, and I couldn't get by my day without reading the daily wisdom from Peter or Don.

I put a buy order at 10.00am. And due to some reason, unable to sell it back till the market closes at 3.30 pm. What will happen to my invested money ?
Day trading

Nothing. You bought stock. You own the shares until you sell them. The stock price can fluctuate up or down–no way to tell in which direction–if you own it for more than a day.

If you trade on margin you borrow some of the funds that you use to purchase an investment. If the stock drops below a certain threshold, your broker may decide that you don't have enough equity to hold the investment and may force you to sell the stock. But that hopefully won't happen.

Day trading

"Trading terminates at the close of business on the third to last business day of the maturing delivery month." That's Monday the 29th for this month.
I'm very courious about that How many individuals are there stock trading online totally in US? how many online stock trades are there in average per day? How many broker-dealers are there in US? Where can I see the list of their names? I can't find the latest data released in 2006 or even 2005. That might be some problem with my searching skills. Can anybody help me? How many or at what address can I get the data? Please….
Day trading

There were 14.3 million online investors at the end of 2000, 17.4 million at the end of 2001 and 20.6 million at the of 2002. With these figures you can calculate your trendline, growing at 125% pace every five years. That would be over 35 million online traders today. The source is a book by David Hallerman.
The NASD defines a Pattern Day Trader as "any customer who executes four or more day trades within five business days, provided the number of day trades is more than 6% of the total trades in the account during that period".

Please aslo explain to me the meaning of "day trades"

Day trading

I believe this literally means that if you buy and sell a stock during the same trading day 4 or more times over the course of 5 trading days, you'll get labeled a "pattern day trader," which means you'll have some restrictions placed on you by your broker.

So if you bought and sold 100 MSFT 4 times in 2 days, let's say (and if these 4 trades were more than 6% of your total trades during these 2 days–which is very likely), you'd get labeled a "pattern day trader."